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Eye on Art

Summer is wrapping up and so are some interesting art shows around Seattle. While you still have time check out these shows: Francesca Sundsten, Creatures, at the Grover /Thurston Gallery  and Lindsay Pichaske at the Foster/White Gallery

Francesca Sundsten - Falconer - oil on linen - 44 x 48  - 2013

The Falconer is one of my favorite pieces in the Creatures show. I am intrigued by the look of curiosity on the face of the falcon in her hands. This show closes August 24th.

Gallery co-owner Susan Grover and artist 
Francesca Sundsten with  Falconer on opening night. 

Gallery installation views....

Francesca Sundsten - Symbiosis - Oil on panel - 30 x 24 - 2013

Symbiosis is my other favorite pieces in the show. I am drawn towards the women with birds it would seem. 

Francesca Sundsten - Beak - Oil on panel - 24 x 20 - 2013

Francesca Sundsten - Skin - Oil on panel - 24 x 20 - 2013

While I'm on the subject of is another artist worth checking out: Lindsay Pichaske at the Foster White Gallery 

Lindsay Pichaske - The Long Thaw - Ceramic - 34 x 25 x 9 inches - 2013

The piece pictured above is ceramic covered in silk flower petals and the image below is also ceramic with hair-like filament. Both fascinating pieces in person. 

Lindsay Pichaske - Ghost of Snow - Ceramic - 19 x 13 x 17 inches

So much innovative art to see and too much to fit into one blog posting. Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and see some great art too!


Anonymous said…
so humbled when I see such fascinating art!