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Summer is wrapping up and so are some interesting art shows around Seattle. While you still have time check out these shows: Francesca Sundsten, Creatures, at the Grover /Thurston Gallery  and Lindsay Pichaske at the Foster/White Gallery

Francesca Sundsten - Falconer - oil on linen - 44 x 48  - 2013

The Falconer is one of my favorite pieces in the Creatures show. I am intrigued by the look of curiosity on the face of the falcon in her hands. This show closes August 24th.

Gallery co-owner Susan Grover and artist 
Francesca Sundsten with  Falconer on opening night. 

Gallery installation views....

Francesca Sundsten - Symbiosis - Oil on panel - 30 x 24 - 2013

Symbiosis is my other favorite pieces in the show. I am drawn towards the women with birds it would seem. 

Francesca Sundsten - Beak - Oil on panel - 24 x 20 - 2013

Francesca Sundsten - Skin - Oil on panel - 24 x 20 - 2013

While I'm on the subject of creatures...here is another artist worth checking out: Lindsay Pichaske at the Foster White Gallery 

Lindsay Pichaske - The Long Thaw - Ceramic - 34 x 25 x 9 inches - 2013

The piece pictured above is ceramic covered in silk flower petals and the image below is also ceramic with hair-like filament. Both fascinating pieces in person. 

Lindsay Pichaske - Ghost of Snow - Ceramic - 19 x 13 x 17 inches

So much innovative art to see and too much to fit into one blog posting. Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and see some great art too!

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so humbled when I see such fascinating art!