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Spring Workshops

:: Exploring Encaustic :: 2-Day Workshop

The Spring encaustic workshop schedule has been finalized and you are invited to join me in my Seattle studio for a weekend of wax. I will demystify the process of working with encaustic and share some of my methods for creating unique painting effects. Small class size (usually 4 to 6 students) makes for a very personalized learning experience and students of all skill levels gain from the intimate studio environment.

Classes are held in my Seattle studio and run from 11- 5 each day. 

    Open 2013 Workshop Dates:

  • March  -  30/31
  • April    -  13/14
  • May     -  18/19
  • June   -  15/16
  • June   -  22/23

More information here: 
Wax Workshops