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Artist Spotlight: Patti Bowman

As we all gear up for the upcoming Open Studios event here at INSCAPE I thought I would take time out to introduce you to some of the other artists that occupy the spaces here. The image above was created by encaustic painter, Patti Bowman, who will have her door open on the 4th floor.

Patti Bowman in her Inscape studio
With a style that I would call “earthy urbanism”, Bowman demonstrates an amazing level of control over the typically unruly medium of encaustic. Her paintings were recently on display at the Tashiro Kaplan building in Seattle.  

Patti Bowman - Studio work

Patti Bowman - an array of small works in progress.
Check out her website for more images and information: and come see her lovely works in person on Sat Nov. 12th. Building open from 11am to 7pm. Stay tuned for some additional highlights featuring the work of other INSCAPE artists.

Inscape Arts
815 Seattle Boulevard
Seattle, WA 98134


zendotstudio said…
thanks for sharing this. love the top work especially!