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Still on display for a few more days…at Foster/White the work of glass artist Elin Christopherson features an array of blown glass beakers that contain a mysterious fermenting concoction that “burps” through the trumpet like stoppers as the potions produce their own gases.

The various liquids themselves are quite beautiful in an array of liquid pastel colors. Each bottle comes with it’s own recipe for the fermenting process.

Gallery 206...

Touted as Seattle’s smallest gallery and the brainchild of photographer Todd Jannausch is the installation of Gallery 206. The concept is a phone booth installed in Occidental Park in Pioneer Square. The booth features the work of 206 Seattle area artists and displays visual and audio installations as well as a phonebook containing artwork. Oh.. did I mention that I am one of the artists invited to participate? I’m in the book!

You can also catch it on Art Zone from the June 3rd episode. Nancy Guppy features the booth at the very end of the episode. The same show I featured in my last post and you can view it here….Art Zone

Wax Workshop...

I have one slot left for my July workshop. It’s a 2-Day class with an optional extra third workday added. July 29, 30 & 31. You can sign up for the class or the workday or both. This is my last scheduled workshop for a while so now is the time to come if you are interested.


Joyce Gehl said…
oooooo. I'll have to get to Foster White to see that glass show. And I LOVE the mini-gallery! Brilliant!