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Wax Paper

These photos are a preview of some experimental pieces  I have been working on in the studio...testing out a few small works on paper...

I am calling these paintings my "Wax Paper" series  and I will share some additional  images of these little experiments with you soon.


Greetings Alicia,

The image has an etherial quality to it, in part due to the colours. I look forward with great interest as to the technique.

Warmest regards,
Joyce Gehl said…
I want. Lets chat.
Goodness. These are lovely. I sometimes love test pieces even more than 'final outcomes', due to the experimental nature of the work.
Alicia Tormey said…
Thank you all for your comments…Egmont: I used several techniques on this little piece but mostly just layers of wax that I altered between applications…Joyce: Yes …let’s chat!…Kathryn: Thank you and I agree with you…the experimental works are always so much more fluid than the work that starts out with clear intention.
Julie Shackson said…
This work is so very beautiful!