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Open Studio

OPENING EVENT  - this weekend!

Sat OCT 16TH - & Sun OCT 17TH , 2010

Art in the former INS building: sculpture, painting, dance, installation, video, sound, light, apocalyptic golf, live music

Saturday: Noon - Midnight

Sunday: Noon - 6pm

Free Admission

815 Airport Way S.

For the first time since its opening in 1930, you can tour the entire building, exploring the Passages installations as well as visiting the studios of more than 30 artists working in the building and breathing new life into these spaces.

Amineh Ayyad, Barbara Robertson, Chris Buening, Christian French, Danse Perdue, Demi Raven, Evan Shauss, Gail Howard, Helen Gamble, Jacob Fennell, Ju-Pong Lin, Katy Krantz, Ladan Yalzadeh, Manifold Motion, Meg Hartwig, Meghan Trainor, Michael Lyons, Nickolus Meisel, Romson Bustillo, Sidney Ji, Smash Putt, Sol Hashemi, Tim Marsden and more...

Alicia Tormey, Anthony Weathers, Bonnie Foster, Caroline Kapp, David Robinson, Dept. of Culture, Evan Shauss, George Graham, Jake Zukowski, Jason Pace, Jen Mills, Jennifer Williams, Julie Haack, Katy Krantz, Keeara Rhoades, Lisa Rickey, Lynn Schirmer, Tena Wright, Third Space, Thomas Kolb, Tres Henry, Velo Transit

Live music @ 8pm Saturday
BANDS:The Gargle Blasters, Ashcomb, Phase 3, Prints of China

I hope to see you there - Look for me in studio #108!