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August Art

August Arts:If you have an  opportunity I recommend stopping by the TK arts building and walking through the warren of art studios there. One that stands out this month is the Shift Studio where you’ll find the quiet yet compelling ceramic work of Yun Hong Chang as part of a two-person exhibition with photographer, Kim Sciarrone. Using strands of her own hair, Chang weaves delicate crisscrossing webs and hand stitched seams onto her slumping ceramic vessels and forms. (see detail above)

While we’re on the subject of ceramics… the continuing show at Pacini Lubel features an eclectic and compelling group of ceramic artists and sculptors. The ethereal and narrative work of Debra Fritts always catches my eye. I like how she incorporates gauzy materials into her ceramic works. Her figurative pieces look as though they are waiting to share some tragic and beautiful story.

A few works by Adelaide Paul are also on display at Pacini Lubel. Her sculptural pieces are a  form of "faux" taxidermy. She uses leathers and fabric to create “skins” that are then stretched over animal forms. I find them strangely compelling and exquisite.

As I sat down to compose this blog entry it was not my intention to focus on female artists, it just so happened that the works that stood out to me this month were all created by women. A lovely and encouraging coincidence. It also reminds me to mention that the Kiki Smith exhibit at the Henry will close in a few days on August 15th. So... I hope you will join me in celebrating some great works and the amazing women who are making their marks in the art world.

Images from top to bottom:
Yun Hong Chang: Broken, Debora Fritts: Holding Her Weight, Adelaide Paul: Big Sky  and Adelaide Paul: Untitled (red dog)


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