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Art "Seen"

Velvet by Cameron Anne Mason on display at Foster White
 Cocoon by Cameron Anne Mason on display at Foster White  

Joyce Gehl - Urban Density on display at Patricia Rovzar Gallery

A rich offering of artworks are on display this month in Seattle. Romantic and sensual fiber forms by Cameron Anne Mason are part of the MadArt Redux show at Foster White and these luscious encaustic paintings by Joyce Gehl are on display at the Patricia Rovzar Gallery. Gehl says “I know everyone else brings their own associations and sensibilities to help them understand and enjoy art. All I can do is make something I think is strong and compelling and that I could stand behind absolutely if someone chooses to make it part of their own home.” I look forward to seeing Gehl’s work in person. Also worth a look this month are the works of Wanxin Zhang and Sara Zin among others at the Pacini Lubel Gallery.

Sarah Zin - Contemplation IV - Pacini Lubel Gallery

Ceramic Sculptures by Wanxin Zhang at Pacini Lubel


Cameron said…
Thanks for the plug. I was just admiring your work a couple weeks ago at Pacini Lubel.
Beautiful things on here, Alicia!!! Including you!
Beautiful things on here, Alicia! And your art is just glorious!
Inferno said…
Contemplation IV = awesome.
I stumbled upon your blog and was really impressed by your work.

Thank you for sharing!

Matthew Sun