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Trio - Alicia Tormey - Monotype Collage - 2009

Orange Branch - Alicia Tormey - Monotype - 2009

These are a few of my favorite prints from the Mary Margaret Briggs workshop I attended in March. They make magnificent collage elements but I also like the quiet beauty and simplicity of the prints alone.

Ghost - Alicia Tormey - Monotype - 2009

The print above is a ghost image left on the plate after the first pass through the press. I find these residual images so much more interesting than the first pass images. This technique offers some wonderful layering possibilities. I am experimenting with incorporating the printed images into my encaustic work. This piece titled Summer Dance is my first attempt at mixing the monotypes with encaustic. I’ll post more results as the work emerges.

Summer Dance - Alicia Tormey - Encaustic w/Monotype Collage - 2009

Available for purchase through the Gilman Contemporary art gallery.


Amy Stoner said…
Absolutely gorgeous prints! I love them. I am so glad to have found you after your comment. You create lovely work!
Alicia Tormey said…
Thanks Amy – looks like we have a mutual admiration - love your work too!
Janet said…
Really lovely images. Beautiful work.
I absolutely agree with you on the quiet beauty of these pieces. Each one is so lovely. The image posted at the bottom is my favorite although I love them each in their own way. Very inspiring!! m.a.