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Optimistic 09

It’s a brand New Year and 2009 sounds so futuristic to me. I feel very optimistic about what lies ahead this year despite the dire economic predictions. I have a solo show slated for November at the Pacini Lubel Gallery and several more group exhibitions throughout the year. At the very least it will be a productive and creative 12 months.

I posted the photo above because the number nine ties into the year of 09 so neatly. I did this painting several years ago but it is uncanny how it has predicted the year ahead. I have been focused on the pod and cocoon forms and they will be featured prominently in much of my new work.

The cocoon dress forms I mentioned in my last post are evolving into some really interesting pieces. I am working on these today and will post some of my results this week.

Wishing you all a PEACEFUL, PROSPEROUS and INSPIRING New Year!