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Studio Visit with Anne Siems

The voyeur in me always enjoys a sneak peek into the studios of other artists so I was thrilled when painter Anne Siems sent me some images of her art and studio space to share. Her work is mesmerizing with so much intricate detail and her studio space looks so cozy and inspiring.

Here's what Anne has to say about her work:
In 1991 I moved from Berlin, Germany to Seattle after finishing my MFA at the Hochschule der Kunste Berlin. While in Berlin I had a large studio and worked on large –scale, room filling drawings of semi-abstract organic shapes.

In Seattle, I had a small desk and a little bit of wall space. I started working on waxed found paper (mostly newsprint and paper bags) using pen, ink and acrylic paint. The imagery became more precise. Multiple delicate images overlapped in a sketch like manner, with usually one large central form dominating the final composition.

At present, I continue with my interest in the human figure and the attributes that surround it. These attributes reflect something about the being without giving a specific narrative. Ideas about life and death, sensuality, sexuality, nature, experiences in the realm of dreams, psyche and spirit are my ongoing topic. A lot of inspiration for these pieces stem from my ongoing love for the art of the European Masters, Early American Folk Art, as well as vintage and modern photography.

Anne Siems is represented in Seattle by the Grover Thurston Gallery.
Anne Siems & Alicia Tormey - Taste Restaurant - Seattle Art Museum, March 16 - June 12, 2011